Accommodations & Childcare


Listed below are some contacts for conveniently located, economically priced room rentals. There are many other locally-owned Bed & Breakfasts and hotels in Columbia County.

Contact Location Phone Number
Catherine Decker Philmont 518-672-5270
Carol Block Philmont 518-672-4516
Caroline Stern Philmont 518-672-4325
Karine Bois-Towe Ghent 202-290-6235
Laura Summer Harlemville 518-672-7302
Jeanne Bergen Philmont 518-821-7346
Trisha Waters Chatham 518-392-3969
Sarah Proechel Harlemville 518-672-7418
Free Columbia House / Robin Philmont 518-755-3264
Lauren & Dominic Wolff Harlemville 518-672-5002
Christiane Marks Copake Falls 518-392-5377
Monica Talaya Amstutz Harlemville 518-610-1420
Fox Hill Campgrounds Austerlitz 518-392-3714
Nature Institute / Abigail Harlemville [email protected]



Hawthorne Valley offers several camp options for children ages 4 to 15. For information about the Kinder Camp for children 4 to 7, contact Amy Flaum. Walks to the stream, visits to the farm animals, snack time, and storytelling are all part of each day. If you are interested in the Farm Camp for ages 8-16, contact Matt Davis. Gardening, working with the farm animals, arts and crafts, cooking, hiking, archery, and more are part of each day.