Summer Courses

Open to the wider public, two separate Alkion Summer Course Weeks* run from Sunday evening through Friday between late June and early July. Exact dates are announced by February each year. The first week is a required component of the year-long Certificate and Diploma programs. The second week varies each year in offering focused, in-depth immersions, often taught by special guest teachers and also open to the public. Themes explored over the years have included:

  • The Threefold Social Organism
  • Parzival (Wolfram von Eschenbach)
  • Understanding Christianity in a Pluralistic Age
  • Drama for Teachers
  • Creative Writing
  • Interpreting Nature’s Secrets – a phenomenological approach to science
  • The High School Arts and Crafts Curriculum
  • Musical Instrument making with Manfred Bleffert
  • The Twelve Senses
  • Imagination as a Force in Education
  • Bringing History to Life in the Classroom
  • Introduction to Early Childhood Education
  • Nature Stories and Eurythmy for Young Children
  • Bookbinding, Metalwork
  • Painting, Drawing, Clay Sculpture, & Stone Carving Intensives
  • The History of Human Consciousness through Art and Architecture
  • History through Music


*One Summer Course Week is required to obtain a one year Foundation Studies Certificate and is included in the year’s tuition. Two are included and required to obtain a Waldorf Teacher or E.C. Diploma.

An independent, three summer cycle – Leading With Spirit: Waldorf School Governance and Administration – runs for one week each July.  Learn more.