Foundation Studies

blackboard drawing Indian flute player with calf

Blackboard drawing by Waldorf teacher education student

Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy

Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy constitutes the morning portion of Year I. Though required as a basis for teacher education, it can be attended separately. It focusses on the written work of Rudolf Steiner, courses in a variety of arts, an introduction to a contemporary path of inner development, and other fruits of anthroposophy presented by distinguished guest speakers. The goal of these courses is to awaken participants to an awareness of the spiritual basis of our own humanity and its relationship to nature and society in which we are embedded. Such knowledge can guide us to positive actions within our own lives and help us find truly creative solutions to the pressing issues that face us.

Foundations Studies classes run on Saturday mornings from 8:30 am to 1:35 pm over a period of one year, with an additional week of courses in late June. A Certificate of Completion is conferred once all classes have been fulfilled, and course credits would be honored at any of the North American Waldorf teacher education institutes towards further training. [The day continues through the afternoon until 4:55 for those fully enrolled in the 2 year Teacher Ed. or Early Childhood programs.]



Foundation Studies at the Alkion Center is taught for a total of 28 Saturdays over the course of the school year from mid-Sept. – mid-May., plus the one full week in June.

The Year includes:

  • Contemplative study of Rudolf Steiner’s The Calendar of the Soul 
  • Theosophy by Rudolf Steiner – A Look into the Nature of Being Human: Biography, Destiny and Evolution
  • Esoteric Science: An Outline by Rudolf Steiner
  • Eurythmy, Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture
  • The Development of Consciousness through Music and Art
  • Biography Seminars
  • An introduction to Goethe and phenomenological science
  • Practical Applications of Spiritual Science – Guest Speakers in Biodynamic Agriculture, Waldorf Education, Goethean Science, Social Renewal, the Healing Arts, and more



Summer Courses

To receive a Certificate of Completion for the Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy, participants must also complete one of the week-long summer courses the cost of which is included in the year’s tuition.


Beyond Foundation Studies

Graduates of the Foundation course receive a certificate of completion, which is an integral prerequisite to the full Teacher Education program. Thus, participants may wish to expand their studies by enrolling in the full day Saturday program which encompasses introductory courses in Waldorf Education. A further year of Teacher Education is required for those seeking a Waldorf Teaching Diploma.

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