Waldorf Teacher Education

The Waldorf Teacher Education Program at the Alkion Center is a two year, part-time program recognized by Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) and the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN). Part of the first year emphasizes Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy, based on the study of the written work of Rudolf Steiner, complemented by intensive artistic practice and an introduction to contemplative self-development.

Introductory Teacher Education courses begin in the first year and continue with full intensity in the second. Whether the student chooses to focus on the elementary grades or early childhood, classes offer a comprehensive study of Rudolf Steiner’s profound insights on human nature and the needs of the growing child. Methodology and curriculum studies in relationship to child development form the core of course work, along with the arts of eurythmy, music, singing, speech, drama, recorder playing, painting, drawing, form drawing, clay modeling, and spatial dynamics.

To graduate successfully and to be fully prepared to enter a Waldorf classroom, students are expected to complete a significant amount of homework, two weeks of classroom observation, three weeks of practice teaching, and an artistic practice, as well as a research paper. The classroom observation and practice teaching should be with a master teacher in an accredited Waldorf school, but can be at different schools and/or classrooms. Success in the course depends a great deal on each student’s own independent studies. Personal initiative is a crucial component.

Completion of the Teacher Education program prepares graduates for employment in a Waldorf school or settings that use Waldorf practices. Please note that most established Waldorf Schools require their teachers to have both a Bachelor’s degree from a certified College or University and a Diploma from an accredited Waldorf Teacher Education Program.

Our graduates have gone on to teach at these and other schools:

  • Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School
  • Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School
  • San Francisco Waldorf School
  • The Berkeley Rose Waldorf School (Berkeley, CA)
  • Marin Waldorf School (San Rafael, CA)
  • Mountain Laurel Waldorf School
  • Monadnock Waldorf School
  • Maine Coast Waldorf School
  • Saratoga Springs Waldorf School
  • Primrose Waldorf Initiative
  • Open Meadow (Assistant)
  • Mountaintop School
  • Various Homeschool Settings