Week I: June 17-22

Course Descriptions

These WEEK I courses are required for our year-round students, but open to the public on a full or partial day basis. While providing prime opportunities for personal renewal and professional development, course completion receives credit towards Foundation Studies, Teacher Ed. and EC programs.


History of Human Consciousness through Art with Patrick Stolfo*

Great works of art are representative of the transitions and pinnacles of cultural development. We will examine key examples of painting, sculpture, and architecture, reading them as expressions of their time period, and following how human beings experienced their ever-changing inner and outer worlds. We will see how the ideal of beauty, as a revealer of truth and morality, metamorphoses with each cultural epoch. References will be made to how these themes are woven into the Waldorf school curriculum, mainly in what is commonly known as the 9th grade History through Art and the 12th grade History through Architecture blocks.


Veil Painting  [elective] with Martina Angela Muller


In veil painting, layers of very thin watercolor are applied to special, large, dry paper. Each consecutive veil lets the color from underneath shine through, creating highly-nuanced color effects that have a luminous, almost mystic quality of light shining through them as if from behind. Layers are tentatively applied in cloud like, vaporous shapes that leave the composition open for a long time, allowing the painter to observe and concentrate on the subtle changes of color and tone values. Eventually, surprising motifs emerge from the multicolored and lively textured backgrounds. Minimal detail work may be needed at the end to enhance the abstract or representational image that has come into being.

Each student in this course will paint one large veil painting – a technique that takes many hours, easily filling a whole week. Accomplished veil paintings can consist of eighty layers or more. Course participants will be led through the process from beginning to end, and do not need previous painting experience. Some of the images shown here are by students who had never held a brush before.


Clay Sculpture  [elective] with Patrick Stolfo*

The central theme for most participants will be the modeling of the human head, while early childhood students will have the opportunity to shape an infant or child’s head. The open studio atmosphere also allows for additional or alternative themes. 

The contours of the human head manifest the cosmic dome of the spirit, character of soul, and a noble anatomy. Using the coiling technique as a basis for construction, we will proceed from the whole to the parts by building up hollow forms that can be shaped from both the interior and exterior. Completion comes with the addition of the essential and expressive details. No previous experience is required.


Eurythmy  [for all] with Lynne Stolfo

We will explore and practice the 7 rod exercises accompanied by music. Fun, yet challenging, participants will develop their personal and social capacities for coordination, rhythmic precision, co-operation, and focus (mental clarity). The significance of copper rod exercises in Steiner education and therapy will be discussed.


Nature Stories and Eurythmy for Young Children  [elective except for EC students] with Andree Ward and Lynne Stolfo

Inspired by the beautiful Hawthorne Valley streams, forests, and farm, we will write and tell stories woven through with the archetypal gestures we observe in nature. With the help of eurythmy, we will move with the elements and learn to “read from Nature’s script”, as Rudolf Steiner described. This course is recommended for all storytelling enthusiasts, teachers, and parents of young children.



Week I – June 17 – 22

Sunday, 6 pm – Registration; 7 pm – Orientation/Opening & Keynote Talk on Art History by Patrick Stolfo

8:20 am –  Arrival and announcements
8:30 am –  Evolution of Human Consciousness through Art
10 am –  Break
10:30 am –  Electives: Veil Painting or Clay Sculpture
12:15 pm –  Lunch
1:15 pm –  Eurythmy for everyone
2 to 5 pm –  Veil Painting or Clay Sculpture continued

3 to 5 pm – Nature Stories & Eurythmy w/ Andree Ward and Lynne Stolfo [an open elective, but required for current EC students]

Monday Evening: Open Art Studios
Tuesday Evening: Special Presentation [TBA]
Wednesday Evening: Open Art Studios
Thursday Evening: Social Gathering or Open Art Studios