Arts Year

The Alkion Center successfully conducted an Arts Year program [as described below] in 2021-22 with seven full and part time students. Due to low enrollment for 2022-23, the program has been put on hold. Those interested for 2023-24 should inquire directly with Patrick Stolfo.

In art it is upon a relation to the spiritual that beauty depends. ~ R.S.


Classes are on Saturdays in 3 semesters, 10:45 am – 4:55 pm, from mid-Sept to mid-May

Ist Session  9/11 – 11/13            2nd Session  12/11 – Feb 19             3rd Session  3/5 – 5/14


1] Clay Sculpture  P. Stolfo          Painting / Drawing  M. Muller           Eurythmy  L. Stolfo

2] sculpture studio                       painting & drawing studio                independent work

[clay, wood, stone]                        [various mediums]                           [art of choice]

Lunch Break                                                   Lunch Break

3] *Art as Spiritual Activity Seminar  w/ PS … Seminar continued …all 3 sessions……..

4] sculpture studio cont.              painting studio cont.                       individual projects

How does the day work? For example, after taking part in the clay sculpture during the first 9 week semester, you would continue with the themes introduced there [or your own] and work with them further with Patrick’s support and guidance during the two ’studio’ classes that follow on that day. The same process would be followed in the 2nd semester when you are working with Martina in painting and drawing. In the third session you’ll continue to work on 2D or 3D [or eurythmy!] projects of your own choice, culminating in a final presentation/exhibition.

Tuition for the full Arts Year of 3 sessions is $2,925. Fee for 1 or 2 nine week, full day sessions – $1,000.00 per session. Standard materials fees are included, but additional costs related to your personal projects will be your responsibility.

Contact Patrick Stolfo directly if you have an interest and/or questions.

*Art as Spiritual Activity Seminar w/ P. Stolfo: presentations, text study, and discussions on the understanding, role, and practice of art. Reading list available upon request.

    • The Being and Mission of the Arts
    • Aesthetics: a phenomenological approach to the language of art
    • Art in the Light of Mystery Wisdom and the Evolution of Human Consciousness
    • The Spirit of Our Time and the Creative Process
    • The Arts in Education


Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School Middle through High School art subject observations and internships can be arranged upon request.