Arts Year

Art does not reproduce the visible, rather, it makes visible.

~ Paul Klee


This full or part time program, with classes running on 28 Saturdays from mid-September through mid-May, is for those seeking an opportunity to practice, study, and deepen in the arts, with an emphasis on the visual arts and crafts. It would serve:

    • anyone who wishes to deepen in the renewed arts inspired by spiritual scientific insight
    • those who want to establish, enhance, or revitalize their artistic practice
    • the strengthening of artistic capacities for educators
    • to provide restorative, health giving, creative activity to those from any walk of life


…when the teacher stands before the young so that his way of teaching is that of an artist, and is permeated by art, there will arise a different youth movement which will crowd around the teachers who are artists, because there they will draw nourishment and receive what they must expect from those who are older…In this way all that is best will be kindled in the young, not the intellect which always remains passive, but the will which stirs thinking into activity. Artistic education will be an education of the will, and it is upon the education of the will that everything else depends.

~ Rudolf Steiner, The Younger Generation


Full Saturday Schedule   [Optional: course by course, part time enrollment]

Schedule is subject to changes based on participant numbers and preferences….

8:25 – 9:00 am: Inner Practice with other 2nd Year TE or EC students

9:05 – 10:20 am: Art as Spiritual Activity Seminar w/ P. Stolfo: presentations, text study, and discussions on the understanding, role, and practice of art. [Pre-requisite: basic familiarity with anthroposophy…inquire for more information]

    • The Being of the Arts
    • Aesthetics: a phenomenological approach to the language of art
    • Art in the Light of Mystery Wisdom and the Evolution of Human Consciousness
    • The Spirit of Our Time and the Creative Process
    • Sharing our work; challenges on the artist’s path

10:20 – 10:45 am: Morning Break

10:45 am – 12:15 pm: Art Blocks across the year combined with 2nd Year Teacher Training students: Painting / Clay Modeling / Eurythmy

12:20 – 1:35 pm: Artistic Skills Courses w/ various contributors:

TBD – based on consensus interest level – rotating practices in related artistic skills, ex: creative writing, music/singing, stained glass, projective geometry, metalwork, printmaking, dynamic form drawing, light and dark drawing, Goethean color studies, bookbinding, etc.

1:35 – 2:20 pm: Lunch

2:20 – 4:55 pm: Art Studio Intensives:

    • Fall – guided Sculpture projects in Clay, Wood, and/or Stone Carving – 9 sessions w/ Patrick Stolfo
    • Winter – guided training in Painting, Drawing, Pastels, etc. – 9 sessions with Martina Angela Muller
    • Spring – mentored, Individualized Projects [10 sessions]

*Year ending art show and presentations by Arts Year participants.

In-school Hawthorne Valley internships can be coordinated for those aiming to be specialist art teachers in subjects such as middle school practical or fine arts arts, or high school metalworking, bookbinding, fiber arts, printmaking, painting, drawing, or sculpture.

Full Time tuition: $5,100

Part Time tuition: $30/hour

Please direct your inquiries about Arts Year Courses to Patrick Stolfo.